kranberry4 (kranberry4) wrote in foodjournaling,

Rather than creating another community....

or another individual journal, I'm using this community to post my food journal. If this inspires you to post yours, great. Feel free to post it as your own entry, or as a comment.

27 Oct 2008
1.5 egg omlete w/
1 oz swiss cheese +
token green onion
16 oz. 2% milk
1 slice hmmd white bread w/
1 Tbsp Granny's grape jelly

1 c. animal crackers
1/2 strawberry Yoplait
1 fun size twix
8 oz. Welches grape juice from concentrate

1/2 chop steak pattie, breaded and fried
1/2 yellow squash, pan fried w/ EVOO + Parmesan
16 oz. water
1/2 c. fried LO boiled potatoes w/ ketchup
1/2 box Kraft whole wheat macaroni & cheese prepared w/ 2.5 T butter, 4 T. milk
8 oz. Welches grape juice from concentrate

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