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Food Journal

the daily menus

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This Food Journaling community will save our Livejournal friends the hassle of skipping our food journal entries. Also it will be a convenient place to read each other's entries.

Entries should be a daily menu, with occasional included recipes or comments about how you felt. Journaling is a proven weight-loss tool that can be applied to any diet. You can also post questions, like "what do you do instead of snacking?". No whining allowed. Any types of diets are acceptable.

This journal is for all diets, from all raw foods to Weight Watchers to the chocolate cake diet. No one will ever judge you on what you choose to eat. The simple act of writing down what you've eaten makes you accountable to yourself, but you're never accountable to anyone else. It's a personal matter, and we'll respect that.

I created this mainly for my friends but we will accept new members.